Sale on Sette Rival Goggles

Need some eye protection from the mud for the rainy season? Price Point has some goggles dirt cheap! Feast your eyes on the Sette Rival Goggles:

Red Sette Rival Goggles

While we haven’t ridden these and can’t vouch for their quality, we can vouch for the price. You aren’t going to find goggles anywhere else for $8 (red only, black is $10).

The lenses are anti fog coated so you’ll be able to see regardless of the conditions (unless you get the lenses covered in mud), and they are UV resistant so your sensitive self protected from those dangerous UV Rays. Want more? well Sette is giving you a bag for your Goggles! What more could you ask for?

At $8 – $10 and 85% off $55, these are a good buy, regardless of if you need new goggles or just want a back up.

Get the Sette Rival Goggles from Price Point here.

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