Pixie Bike Alert!

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Do you have a hankering for some pixie bike racing? We have recently and would like to spread the love.

Now, for those of you who might be asking “what is a pixie bike?”, a pixie bike is usually a kid’s bike as they must have a wheel size of 16 inches or smaller, though for some contests riders must have 12″ wheels. Here is a video to help you better understand how much (beer) goes into a pixie race.

Now we normally only link to products that are at least 33% off, but there are a few qualifying exceptions with these pixies 1) they are from Walmart so they are well below fair market value 2) we just don’t feel comfortable promoting a bike that cost less than $38 – there has to be a quality cut off some where right?

Alright, let’s cut to the chase. We have found two awesome pixie bikes for you to rock out on.

If you want to ride a bigger pixie, or if you 6′ 11″ and can’t possibly fit on a 12″ pixie, the 16″ pink Barbie bike has your name all over it. You would need to make some modifications obviously, those training wheels and reflectors will have to go. Streamers stay. ¬†Get it from Walmart for $60.

what is a pixie bike

Up next, we have the 12″ Huffy Rock-It Bike and yes it is made to be a rocket and go off those epic pixie jumps. This is the cheapest bike should (maybe) ever buy. Grab it for $38.

pixie bike race, pixie bike jump

Alright, now how about some more pixie bike goodness?

The little engine that could

pixie bike in corner

Shocks! Pegs! Lucky!

pixie bike jump

Nacho Libre II – Watch Out Lance

nacho libre pixie bike

The fins just aren’t going to work

underwater pixie bike

And of course, how could we mention Walmart and fail to mention People of Walmart, here is some eye candy for you:

people of walmart

people of wal mart

Do you have pixie pics? link to them in the comments!

Please wear a helmet and ride pixie bikes safely.

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