Update: The deals over, but Amazon has it here. And they have a ton of other 661 gear here.

Looking to ride some gnarly trails and hit some huge drops? Grab a 661 Race Jacket Chest Protector. This exo-skeleton body armor will help protect you from those rocks and pesky trees that you seem to be magnetically drawn to.

661 Race Jacket Full Chest Protector

The 661 Race Chest Protector is super lightweight and well vented so it doesn’t heat up and make you uncomfortable like more cumbersome body armor. This flack jacket style body armor has removable shoulder pads so it’s no problem if you want to make the vest a little thinner. This 661 chest protector features an EVO foam molded protective front and back under-layer that is designed to keep you cool and riding, even after nasty crashes.

Or you could just wear this around under your jersey to try and impress your mom. How you want to use it is your deal, grab it here from BlueSky cycling. Grab this 661 race jacket body armor for $35 – 42% off of the $60 MSRP.

Update – This deal is no longer available. We recommend checking out Amazon as they usually have great deals

Looking to score a wheelset for the holidays? Maybe a nice gift to yourself? If you are in the market for a beefier all mountain wheelset or a freeride light wheelset; this is a solid choice. The 41% off makes it look even better.

Shimano Xt 756 Mavic En321 Wheelset

The Mavic En321 is a sturdy rim that can withstand a significant amount of abuse. The En321 is made to endure light to moderate freerding so you can run these Mavics on your wheelset so most people have nothing to worry about with this wheelset. Exceptions would be if you are doing some epic freeriding in places like the North Shore.  This rim is a great choice for your all mountain baby that you are looking to rip down the mountain on as it is a pretty substantial rim.

Mavic EN321 Disc Wheel

This wheelset is rounded out with the Shimano M756 XT hubs for the front and rear. I ride the Shimano M756 XT on my Specialized Enduro (check out my Specialized Enduro Review) as the M756 XT hub is a great balance between weight and durability – This is super important to me as I tend to ride my gear pretty hard.  If you ride hard like I do, the XT series is great. While it isn’t as light as the XTR components, the XT line IS high quality and significantly more durable than XTR product.  The Wheelset is completed with brass nipples and DT DB spokes. And, of course, this wheelset is 6 bolt disc compatible.

Shimano M756 XT Hub

You should be looking at the Shimano XT 756 Mavic En321 Wheelset if you are looking to grab a wheelset for your all mountain bike that you can depend on. Unfortunately CBO didn’t give us a weight on this one (I’m sure if you called them up, they would be happy to tell you the exact weight), but this is going to be a little heavy for an XC or maybe even all mountain light bike, but makes up for it with the ability to cope with heinous downhills.

Bottom line: rock solid wheelset, dirt cheap price. For $200 (Save $150) it’s hard to complain about.

Get more info on this wheelset at Cambria Bike by clicking here.

Save an extra 20% off of helmets at Bike Performance today only.

If you are looking for a new pair of sweet gloves, or if you are looking for a cheap Christmas present for someone, we have a deal for you. Jenson USA is hooking you up and saving you 60% on the Giro Remedy Glove.

Giro Remedy Glove

The Remedy has a mesh top layer to keep your hands vented so that you don’t end up with nasty “swamp hands” and a leather palm to keep you safe when you bail. Another great part of these gloves is the plastic protection pads on the outside knuckles. These can make a huge difference if you are riding tight single track surrounded by tall (and prickly) bushes. Believe it or not, these little pads over the knuckles can make a big difference if you clip a tree – this one if from personal experience…

Giro Remedy on a hand - Top

Jenson uses terms like “moisture wicking”, “sonic welded armor”, and “microvented leather palm” to describe Giro’s Remedy. Here’s our translation: your hands won’t get hot and these gloves will protect you whether you’re ripping down a bushly trail or trying to prevent your head from hitting the ground when you bail.

Grab the Giro Remedy Glove Jenson USA for $17 – 62% off of the $42 MSRP.  Get the details here.

Top and Bottom of Giro Remedy

Giro Remedy Full Details

  • Moisture-wicking, air mesh breathable upper
  • Intelligntly placed soincwelded armonr on fingers
  • Knuckle flex zones
  • Super Fit three panel palm design
  • Pittards microvent leather palm
  • D30 crash pad provides enhanced impact protection
  • Highly absorband micofiber wiping surface
  • Sonic welded pull tab
  • Low profile velcro closure

Looking to get some protection for your noggin? Look no further friends, unless you’re looking for a full face helmet; Huck N Roll has the Fox Flux helmet for $35. None of that $100 full price business here.

The Flux is a light weight and well vented helmet that, unlike many XC helmets, comes down to cover the back of your head. This extra protection covering the lower back of your head is great and can make a huge difference if you end up hitting the back of your head when you take a spill.

Fox Flux Helmet

The only downside of this deal is that only the Black and White – Type 0 Neg model is $35; and at this point there are down to the smaller sizes…That said, they also have a smaller Black Camo Helmet for $50.

You’re mom always said to wear a helmet. This one is cheap and looks good. Grab it here from Huck N Roll.

Update: This deal has expired, but check out Amazon – They usually have really low prices

Looking to upgrade your brakes as a gift to yourself this Christmas season? How about throwing some Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes on your bike? If this sounds good to you, we have a deal for you. Price Point is hooking riders up with a pair of Shimano XT brakes for $160. That’s right, a pair, not just one of these bad boys. The MSRP for a pair of these sexy brakes is $460. You are saving $300. How can you say no to that kind of a deal.

Shimano XT Hydraulic Brakes

So what’s up with these brakes you may ask. Well these brakes are pretty awesome. They are simple and super durable. You can count on these brakes to keep you in control, or as much control as you want, regardless of the terrain you are riding. AND they will stand up to all of your crashes. What more could you ask for?

Shimano XT Brake Caliper

The Shimano XT disc brakes use mineral water instead of hydraulic brake fluid so you don’t have to worry about keeping that DOT fluid off your hands. More good news, bleeding Shimano XT brakes is pretty straightforward too. Don’t worry about all this bleeding talk though, these brakes come pre-bled and ready to ride so you won’t need to bleed them for a while.

Shimano Hydraulic Brake Mineral Oil

There are two downsides to note here. First, this front and rear Shimano XT brake system doesn’t come with discs, so you need to grab a pair of those. (For a great deal, check out Alligator Rotors). The second downside to be aware of is these are a bit heavier than some of the other brakes around – The price to pay for bomb proofing your gear. These weigh in almost 200 grams heavier than Avid Elixir CR’s. This in no way means they are bad brakes, but if you are looking to shave weight off your bike, these are not the brakes for you. Those Elixirs or some XTR’s would be a good choice if you are looking to save weight.

Shimano XT Brakes

Here’s the bottom line, Shimano XT disc brakes are rock solid hydraulic brakes that will give you all the power you need but are a little on the heavy side.

Grab a pair of these XT’s from Price Point for a ridiculous $160 here.

Full Specs:

Model Number Shimano M765
Series XT
Brake Type Hydraulic Disc
Position Front, Rear
Hose/Cable Length Front: 850mm, Rear: 1600mm
Caliper/Lever Mount Type Post mount
Caliper/Lever Material Aluminum
Piston Type Opposed 2-piston
Weight 567g (average/pair)
Warranty 2 year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Update: This deal has expired. Check out Amazon as they usually have really low prices.

Are your rotors warped from more than a little abuse? If you are looking for a cost effective replacement, look no further than Alligator rotors. Price Point has these replacement discs dirt cheap – starting at $9 for a 160mm rotor.

While these rotors aren’t name brand, we at Cheap MTB have never had any issues with Alligator rotors. Even though they aren’t name brand, these rotors do a good job of keeping up with comparable rotors, weighing less than 10 grams more than a comparable Avid rotor and 4 grams less than comparable Shimano rotors.

Alligator Rotors

Pricing as follows:

160mm Alligator rotors:  $9
180mm Alligator Rotors: $10
203mm Alligator Rotors: $14

Weight Specs:

160mm rotors:  122 grams
180mm Rotors: 149 grams
203mm Rotors: 171 grams

Bottom Line: cost effective solution with name brand performance.

Save your money to spend on more parts! Get the Alligator rotors from Price Point for up to 80% off of MSRP here.

Update: The deals over. The good news is that Amazon has cheap deals on the Nema Podium here for less. OR check out all their mountain bike jerseys here.

Did you crash a lot last season and put some big holes in your jersey? Well winter’s coming fast so whether your old jersey is in tatters or you are just looking to grab a new jersey, I recommend the Nema Podium jersey. This jersey is simple, clean and functional. As always, the best part of this jersey is that it’s cheap. Want to be on top of that podium? Let everyone know your intentions and grab this jersey.

Get more information on the Nema Podium Jersey here for $30 (33% off of $45) from PricePoint.

Nema Podium Jersey Mountain Bike Jersey

Update – This deal has expired but you can find killer deals at Amazon.

Need some stopping power? If you do, you should probably mosey on over to Universal Cycles and check out their deal on 2010 Avid Elixir CR’s. We are big fans of the Elixirs here at CheapMTB – I ride them on one of my bikes and Scott has them on his LT2 and just ordered a second pair for a project he is working on putting together.

Avid Elixr CR

What’s so good about the Avid Elixirs? To start with, Elixirs have large dual calipers that provide massive amounts of stopping power (especially when you are running a 203 rotor). Additionally, the Elixirs have a lot of adjustability. Avid has made it really easy to adjust the lever reach as well as the brake pad spacing. And did we ever mention that these brakes look GOOD.

avid elixir cr

Like all the other Avid products we have used, the Elixirs are really easy to work on. Super easy to bleed (especially compared to Hayes Brakes), and really easy to replace pads. All of this boils down to one awesome and super reliable hydraulic brake.

Avid Elixir CR Hydraulic Brake

Universal Cycles has front and rear 185mm and 203mm Avid Elixirs for $138 (35% off of the list price of $212) but for some reason the 160mm’s are going to set you back a bit more. Click here to get more info on these killer brakes.

Avid Elixir Brakes

Universal Cycles has released new coupon codes valid through November 30, 2010.

  • For 10% off orders over $100.00, use coupon code vip10
  • For 15% off orders over $300.00, use coupon code vip15
  • UC is also offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $150, and yes, you can use this in combination with either of the above coupons.

    Need some Help Universal Cycles has the Avid Elixr for $138 – click here to get more info.

    Avid Elixr CR

    Now for the boring details: to use the coupon codes, you have to be a returning customer. Once your order hits the dollar volume, the discount is applied to your entire order at checkout. You can’t combine these coupons with any other deals or price matching. UC is withholding the coupon code from some products, such as custom wheelsets.