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Update: This deal has expired, but check out Amazon – They usually have really low prices

Looking to upgrade your brakes as a gift to yourself this Christmas season? How about throwing some Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes on your bike? If this sounds good to you, we have a deal for you. Price Point is hooking riders up with a pair of Shimano XT brakes for $160. That’s right, a pair, not just one of these bad boys. The MSRP for a pair of these sexy brakes is $460. You are saving $300. How can you say no to that kind of a deal.

Shimano XT Hydraulic Brakes

So what’s up with these brakes you may ask. Well these brakes are pretty awesome. They are simple and super durable. You can count on these brakes to keep you in control, or as much control as you want, regardless of the terrain you are riding. AND they will stand up to all of your crashes. What more could you ask for?

Shimano XT Brake Caliper

The Shimano XT disc brakes use mineral water instead of hydraulic brake fluid so you don’t have to worry about keeping that DOT fluid off your hands. More good news, bleeding Shimano XT brakes is pretty straightforward too. Don’t worry about all this bleeding talk though, these brakes come pre-bled and ready to ride so you won’t need to bleed them for a while.

Shimano Hydraulic Brake Mineral Oil

There are two downsides to note here. First, this front and rear Shimano XT brake system doesn’t come with discs, so you need to grab a pair of those. (For a great deal, check out Alligator Rotors). The second downside to be aware of is these are a bit heavier than some of the other brakes around – The price to pay for bomb proofing your gear. These weigh in almost 200 grams heavier than Avid Elixir CR’s. This in no way means they are bad brakes, but if you are looking to shave weight off your bike, these are not the brakes for you. Those Elixirs or some XTR’s would be a good choice if you are looking to save weight.

Shimano XT Brakes

Here’s the bottom line, Shimano XT disc brakes are rock solid hydraulic brakes that will give you all the power you need but are a little on the heavy side.

Grab a pair of these XT’s from Price Point for a ridiculous $160 here.

Full Specs:

Model Number Shimano M765
Series XT
Brake Type Hydraulic Disc
Position Front, Rear
Hose/Cable Length Front: 850mm, Rear: 1600mm
Caliper/Lever Mount Type Post mount
Caliper/Lever Material Aluminum
Piston Type Opposed 2-piston
Weight 567g (average/pair)
Warranty 2 year Manufacturer’s Warranty
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