Your Favorite Bikes and Shops

Back at the end of 2010 we asked you guys to vote for your favorite bikes and shops for the year. a HUGE thank you to everyone who voted!

We know we are a little late with the results, but we have been riding and we hope you have been too busy riding to be bummed. The good news is that in the time off we were able to plan some cool stuff (like our contests that you should check out).

The Winners

According to our community, in 2010, Transition, Kona, Santa Cruz, Specialized and Trek put out the best bikes and Jenson USA and Price Point were the best shops on the web. We are looking forward to the new bikes put out in 2011 and will be stoked to get your guys feedback as your ride new stuff throughout the year.

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Best DH Bikes of 2010

1. Transition TR 450
2. Kona Supreme Operator
Honorable Mentions: Santa Cruz V10, Intense 951

Best AM Bikes of 2010

1. Transition Covert
2. Kona Abra Cadabra
Honorable Mentions: Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon, Specialized S Works Enduro Carbon

Best XC Bikes of 2010

1. Specialized S Works Epic Carbon Disc
2. Kona 2 + 2
Honorable Mentions: Trek Fuel EX 9.9, Intense Spider 2

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Best Online Bike Shop

1. Jenson USA
2. Price Point
Honorable Mentions: Bike Bling, Universal Cycles

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We also wanted to say thanks to everyone who was bummed that their favorite bike or shop wasn’t on the list. We’ll take these into consideration for the 2011 roundup.

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  1. Brett S says:

    Nice List. I’m a big fan of the 951 and the Nomad – carbon is awesome but too expensive 🙁

  2. Mark Ridder says:

    I would have really liked to of seen Ibis on there. I really like my Mojo. The choices are pretty good though. YOu got a lot of different bikes on there.

  3. Terrance P says:

    I noticed the absence of Ibis too.

  4. theDude says:

    I notice the absence of Ibis on my local mt too… Its pretty much all Covert converts.

  5. Scott Karnes says:

    I really like this new Bike Bling! They Really launch forward with product offerings Cutting edge. But they are very old fashioned About supporting the customer, service with expert builds! Locals like place, great energy Demo events, clinics, knowledgable! Great outfit…

  6. Garret Tanner says:

    I want to ride all of them…

  7. Tim says:

    “I buy everything at my local bike shop” also fits for bike bling. That is my local shop and always have everything I need, & more. I guess it’s one of the benefits of your local shop being an online shop too. Their inventory is endless. I ride Mtn & road so it’s nice to have a one stop shop that supplies both.

  8. John Depoe says:

    I really would have liked to see DROPNZONE included,
    as I buy alot of parts from them. They are the best I have found to buy things on the web. Customer service and knowledge are top notch!!!!

  9. William says:

    Dropnzone is a rad shop for sure! Not too happy with Bike Bling, I have always had to wait for orders way past expectations.

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