Sale on 661 Race Chest Protector

Update: The deals over, but Amazon has it here. And they have a ton of other 661 gear here.

Looking to ride some gnarly trails and hit some huge drops? Grab a 661 Race Jacket Chest Protector. This exo-skeleton body armor will help protect you from those rocks and pesky trees that you seem to be magnetically drawn to.

661 Race Jacket Full Chest Protector

The 661 Race Chest Protector is super lightweight and well vented so it doesn’t heat up and make you uncomfortable like more cumbersome body armor. This flack jacket style body armor has removable shoulder pads so it’s no problem if you want to make the vest a little thinner. This 661 chest protector features an EVO foam molded protective front and back under-layer that is designed to keep you cool and riding, even after nasty crashes.

Or you could just wear this around under your jersey to try and impress your mom. How you want to use it is your deal, grab it here from BlueSky cycling. Grab this 661 race jacket body armor for $35 – 42% off of the $60 MSRP.

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